Monday, August 28, 2006


The final daring adventure at the Pettit had royalty and an Olympic Champion.....

Alice in Dairyland Nicole was always up for some ice fun in the Cool Zone, and Olympic Champion Bonnie Blair
knows her way around an Ice rink.

But it was a new game I created for the Cool Zone. Kayak curling. Using an inflatable kayak from Laacke and Joys I pushed "Alice" and Bonnie down the ice an into the curling scoring zone.

It wasn't easy to keep your feet on the ice while pushing the Kayak towards the curling circle..

Olympic champion Bonnie Blair was also the Kayak curling champion beating Alice in Dairyland by a nose of the kayak. In the end of 7 Daring Adventures I had almost as many medals as Bonnie Blair the major difference is I had to create my medals unlike Bonnie who won them.


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